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DAWELL CZ s.r.o .was founded in 2012 with the vision of establishing a development, manufacturing and export company. Its main activity thus became the development of its own products in the industrial field of mobile resistance and induction heaters, as well as their production and sale worldwide.

Development of mobile resistance and induction heaters
Based on a market survey conducted in 2011 and 2012 and the experience of DAWELL CZ s.r.o. employees from their previous activities, the company management decided to develop the mobile resistance heaters of the DHM/DHC series, as they were not available on the market. After the experience with mobile resistance heaters, which brought new visions and market knowledge, the development department developed the small mobile induction heaters DHI-15, intended for car workshops and other workshops, and then also larger induction heaters of the series DHI-44, DHI-45, DHI- 100 and DHI-120, also intended for car workshops and other workshops, but also for industrial and manufacturing plants.

Production and development department of DAWELL CZ s.r.o.
The sales of the DHC and DHI machines exceeded all expectations. This helped to build up the manufacturing plant of DAWELL CZ s.r.o. in Třebíč and the development department in Brno. The development department is dedicated to the complete new development of equipment for in-house production in close cooperation with the manufacturing and sales departments in Třebíč. The new sales and development experience showed us the interesting market potential for mobile induction heaters, which the DAWELL CZ team intends to further develop.

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