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Master M · 2030MRM0041

KEMPPI - TIG welding torches, Flexlite TX water-cooled, Torch holders are characterised by outstanding technical performance, increased service life of the consumables and excellent comfort during daily welding, see variants

KEMPPI - TIG Torch holders, Flexlite TX water-cooled

Flexlite TX Torch holders are characterised by excellent technical performance, an increased service life of the consumables and a long service life
and excellent comfort during everyday welding. The durable silicone rubber material ensures a secure grip and the
innovative design of the welding torch handle reduces the strain on the wrist so that welders feel more comfortable during demanding welding tasks
Can concentrate on creating the perfect weld seam.
Available in various power classes and lengths, the Flexlite TX TIG torches are supplied in different neck versions for
water-cooled and gas-cooled models. Remote control options attached to the Torch allow the operator to control the welding process from a greater distance
precise and fast adjustment of the welding current, even from a distance. Equip your Flexlite TX torch with Kemppi consumables to keep you up and running when you need them
Benefit from the best quality and maximum efficiency in your welding work.


- Choose from fixed, flexible and S-shaped, rotatable neck designs
- The flexible cable set with a protective leather sheath maximises durability
- The innovative design of the Torch increases user comfort by minimising the load
the wrist is reduced
- The silicone rubber material ensures a secure grip of the handle
- Kemppi wear parts guarantee high quality and efficiency for your
welding work
- Torch models are available with or without torch trigger
- The optional trigger extension increases the triggering accuracy
- Torch-mounted remote control options with roller and toggle switches

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