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Diodela · 1990DDA0001

Diodela laser welders FWS-1000, FWS-1500 and FWS-2000. Laser welding is an effective solution for industrial processes that helps to achieve strong and aesthetic welds with fewer resources, see variants.

Diodela Laser Welding Units FWS-1000, FWS-1500 and FWS-2000

How it works
Laser welding is one of many industrial laser processes and is used to join different materials together by creating a strong weld is created
between them. This process can be used to create a strong and permanent bond between two types of materials. The laser focuses a high-
intensity beam of light on the desired area, and two materials are physically fused together to create a bond between them.

Aesthetic end result
The laser welding process ultimately provides precise heat input to the desired area with a narrow full weld that produces an aesthetic end
result with virtually zero weld oxidation. When joining thin large sheets, laser welding is (in many cases) the only welding process to avoid
thermal and physical distortion of the final product without additional machining. The Laser welding is the best welding method to minimize
the loss of substrate properties such as hardness and strength. Low Waste and easy maintenance make this technology user and
environmentally friendly.

This process can be used in hand-operated precision shops as well as in large automated shops and allows for Welding speeds of 1-5 m/min.
Laser welding is very effective for processes that require speed, as it is >5 times faster thanMIG and >10 times faster than TIG.

Although this technology is mainly used to join metals (stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, and aluminum), it can also be used for
other types of materials such as plastics and silicone


Virtually no physical distortion: when joining thin large sheets, laser welding avoids the
avoids thermal and physical distortion for a final product without additional machining.

Low Weld Oxidation: The laser welding process ultimately provides precise
heat input to the desired area with a narrow full weld that produces an aesthetically pleasing end result.
end result.

Reliable: High quality Lithuanian industrial design for durability and reliability.

Creating intricate joints: Our laser technology makes it possible to create complicated
joints easily, which is not possible with other conventional welding technologies.

Low Heat: The process uses a low heat application that minimizes damage that might otherwise occur to
components or materials otherwise could have occurred to components or materials.

Excellent mechanical properties: Laser welding does not affect the material or its structural properties.
structural properties.

Easy operation even for welding novices - thanks to storage of setting parameters.

High strength welds: In addition to uniform welds, you will notice that these joints are also very strong.
joints also have high strength.

Very high efficiency: Laser welding is >5 times faster than MIG and >10 times faster than TIG.

Welding of long and wide plates.

Cost-effective welding solution - low energy consumption.
Allows welding of plates of different steel grades and dimensions.

Sustainable: Our systems are energy and environment friendly


Laser welding is used in many industries:
Automotive industry
Welding of numerous parts such as airbag initiators, batteries and fuel injectors for high-strength
weld seams.
Welding different types of metals is critical in this industry,
while laser welding ensures precision, no damage to the materials due to precise
heat input to the desired area, and high-strength welds.
Welding is used in the manufacture of various electronic components of devices such as
such as LEDs, cell phones, televisions, etc., to make precise and complex connections.
Medical Manufacturing
High integrity, hermetic seals and welds of many precision parts of innovative
medical devicesfor the highest precision.
Due to the precision of laser welding and the ability to make intricate joints, small welds in
small welds are created in micro-semiconductor parts.
Furniture manufacturing
Precise welding of aluminum and steel components with the possibility of storing the desired
parameters for the next weld in order to save preparation time and achieve consistent
to achieve consistent results.

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