Fronius ACCTIVA Professional Flash EU, display, 230V / 12V - 70A, charging cable 16 mm² red ~ Fronius Batterieladesysteme 4,010,140 ~ Acctiva - LS ~ 316ALS0054 ~ Schweiss Shop

Acctiva - LS · 316ALS0054

Fronius Acctiva Professional Flash, Display, 230V / 12V - 70A, Charging lead 16mm² red, black 5m screwable Fully-insulated screwable terminals, Plug-in mains lead 5m, USB-interface, User Manual, Technical Data see details.

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The professional sprinter The battery charger with rapid-charge function, safe for electronics. Provides the vehicle with current even during diagnosis and re-programming of the vehicle’s software. The integrated USB port ensures that the charger is completely future-proof: software updates can be loaded very easily. Powerful: 70 A in permanent operation.

Product information
  • Battery charger with the option to preselect capacity for all types of starter battery
  • For charging or charge conservation of conventional lead acid, lead calcium/silver batteries, or those of the sealant type (AGM, MF), as well as maintenance-free lead GEL batteries, without disconnecting from the vehicle power supply.
  • All functions (battery capacity, nominal voltage, service function, FSV/buffering function) can be clearly viewed and set on the display
  • All present charging data (charging current, charging voltage, Ah charged so far) are shown on the display
  • Based on Active Inverter Technology
  • Integral USB port
Technical Data
Nominal charging voltage 12V
Charging current 2 - 70A
Battery capacity 10-250Ah
Mains voltage 100 V - 230 V +/- 15 %
Charging characteristic IUoU
Battey charger lead 5 m with fully insulated terminals
Dimensions 315 x 110 x 200 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 5 kg
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