Fronius advantage package no. 39 - MagicCleaner 150 /EF Electrochemical cleaning device, MC150 cleaning torch, earth cable 10mm² 3m ~ Fronius SET 4,075,253- W00200 ~ Seam Cleaning Set ~ 1994NRS0001 ~ Schweiss Shop

Seam Cleaning Set · 1994NRS0001

Fronius Advantage package No. 39 - MagicCleaner 150 /EF Electrochemical cleaning device, cleaning torch MC150, ground cable 10mm² 3m, torch holder MC150, carbon brush MC150, graphite electrode, cleaning/polishing felt, electrolyte blue MC150, see details.

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MagicCleaner 150 - Set

Package no. 4 consisting of:

  MagicCleaner 150 - 4,075,253
- Ground cable 10 mm² 3 m
- Cleaning torch MC150
- Torch holder MC150
- Carbon brush MC150
- Adapter for brush 35x63 mm
- Connector MC150
- Graphite electrode 22 mm
- Graphite electrode 10 mm
- Power cable 2 m
- Cleaning/polishing felt 22 mm
- Cleaning/polishing felt 10 mm
- Allen key 2.5 mm
  Cleaning electrolyte blue MC150 (6 x 0,1L per set) - 42,0510,0381
  Neutralizer MC150/300 1,0L - 42,0510,0385

The new generation of MagicCleaner for cleaning stainless steel welds,
represents the most complete and advanced range of electrochemical cleaning
cleaning equipment. With the help of inverter technology, all MagicCleaner
devices to continuously regulate the current. This enables efcient without
the risk of irreparable damage to the stainless steel.

With the MagicCleaner device series, we present innovative technology
for the treatment of TIG welds and stainless steel surfaces.
Cleaning, polishing and marking of stainless steel thus become possible.

In contrast to mechanical or chemical cleaning, the material surface is not
affected material surface is not affected. No reaction times are required.
And an additional passivation process is no longer required.

  • Integrated inverter technology
  • Ready for cleaning in max. 3 steps
  • Cleaning, polishing and printing with one unit
Mains voltage 230V / 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse protection 6,3 A
Output current 0 - 15 A
Working voltage range 0 - 30 V
No-load voltage 30V
Detergent dosage manuell
Detergent content 100ml tube
Dimension / Length 365mm
Dimension / Width 130mm
Dimension / Height 285mm
Weight 4,5kg


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