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Fronius · 1478ANG0108

Fronius advantage packages, TransSteel 2200C, 2700C, 3000C pulse, 3500C, MIG/MAG multiprocess welding equipment sets at a special price, see variants.

Fronius TransSteel 2200, 2700, 3500, 5000 - Sets

The TransSteel 2200c variant is a robust and reliable partner that is characterised by intelligent
Design and simple operation. It is equipped with all the details that make the
Make life easier in steel construction. Robust tools are a matter of course. Digital
controlled and equipped with expert knowledge, the TransSteel 2200 Compact welding system is designed for the best results
Steel welding and guarantees 100 % system performance.

The TransSteel 2700c, 3500c and 5000c power sources are fully digitalised, microprocessor-controlled welding systems
Inverter power source. Modular design and easy system expansion options guarantee
high flexibility. The devices are designed for steel welding.

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