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AC/DC · 041ADC0144

FRONIUS MAGIC WAVE 2200 JOB, Tig welding machine, 230V-16A, 3-220A, 35% ED, suitable for generator, 17,5kg

All Wig welding units are supplied complete with welding torch 4-8m, accessory box, pressure reducer with gas hose, earth cable 4m, standard welding helmet, operating instructions and gas containers size 10-50L.

Prices plus gas consumption and wearing parts. For gases, see "Rental Park/Gases".
Our rental prices are staggered according to the rental period.
(1 / 3 / 7 / 30 / 365 days). By entering the desired rental days, the graduated price is automatically calculated and displayed for you.

The rental deposit to be paid is 400.- to 800.- Euro, depending on the rental object and design.
A valid ID and EC card/bank details must be presented for rental.

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