Fronius Multiprocess PRO Packag - iWave 400i AC/DC Set, THP 400i W ML/F++/JM/Le/8m/LED, TTB 400P W ML/70°/L65 ~ Fronius SET 4,075,251 ~ Multiprocess ~ 1971MTP0009 ~ Schweiss Shop

Multiprocess · 1971MTP0009

Fronius Multiprocess PRO Packag - iWave 400i AC/DC Set, THP 400i W ML/F++/JM/Le/8m/LED, TTB 400P W ML/70°/L65, MTW 400i/FSC/4,5m/45°/LED, BK Fe ø1,2 /G/W/5m, ground cable 70mm² 8m, pressure reducer Ar/Co2 standard...

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Fronius iWave 400i AC/DC Set

Consisting of:

Item number Designation
4,075,251 iWave 400i AC/DC
4,101,266,IK OPT/i TIG NT242
4,101,263,IK OPT/i TIG AC Multiprocess PRO
4,067,002 OPT/i Jobs
4,067,028 OPT/i CycleTIG
4,067,017 OPT/i Puls Pro
4,066,012 WP STANDARD
4,066,013 WP PULSE
4,048,017,633 CU 1400i Pro MC
4,100,718 OPT/i Front water connection
4,101,238,IK OPT/i CU Torch deflate
4,101,061,IK FilterMounting Duo
4,077,020 TU Car 4 Pro
4,101,257 OPT/TU Torch holder
4,100,613 OPT/TU Trunnion mount WF15i-300i /VR 5000
4,101,075 OPT/TU Extension bottle holder TU Car4 Pro
4,100,661 OPT/TU Hose package holder TU Car 4
4,049,031 WF 25i /4R/G/FSC
4,100,605 E-Set Water cooling VR 5000
44,0001,1407,4 Feed roller U 1,2 (4 Stk.)
4,047,846 HP 95i CON /W/1,2m
4,051,332 THP 400i W ML/F++/JM/Le/8m/LED
44,0350,5484 TTB 400P W ML/70°/L65
4,035,954 MTW 400i/FSC/4,5m/45°/LED
44,0350,5120 BK Fe ø1,2 /G/W/5m
43,0004,2199 Ground cable 70mm² 8m
42,0510,0011 Pressure reducer Ar/Co2 standard


Fronius iWave 400i AC/DC

Highest quality - with every weld seam and with every material: Through
targeted heat input and an improved ignition function, iWave offers you
maximum control over your arc and significantly reduced ignition delays.
All controls of the iWave series are also designed for maximum control.
are designed for maximum control. The result is intuitive operation that
allows you to concentrate fully concentrate on your welding challenge.
You have the a wide variety of welding challenges? Then iWave
Multiprocess PRO is the ideal choice: in addition to all conceivable TIG
functions you can also weld all MIG/MAG process variants.
iWave: Absolute freedom to unleash your welding potential

Maximum control over the weld pool
With CycleTIG, you control the arc and therefore the heat input to the maximum
extent. The short weld times the weld pool safely and easily - and can weld
even the thinnest materials with ease materials with ease.

Graphic-dynamic menu navigation - in over 30 languages.
Without detours. But self-explanatory. We have developed intuitive menu
navigation so that you can make the desired settings directly and safely during
welding settings directly and safely during welding.

One device for all processes (iWave 300i - 500i)
iWave and Multiprocess PRO - this is your new absolute freedom when welding.
In addition to all TIG functions, you can weld all MIG/MAG process variants
with just one device. Take advantage of the modular concept and expand your
high-tech welding machine platform with the Welding Packages Standard, Pulse,

Up to 71 % less ignition delay
Fast and above all reproducible ignitions. Regardless of the material
composition and without any manual adjustment of the ignition parameters.
This is what RPI auto - our intelligent ignition function - offers.

Contactless data transmission and authentication
Ready for Industry 4.0 and everything that is yet to come: iWave supports
the most important connection standards for optimal the most important
connection standards for optimal use.

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