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TransSteel · 276STR0067

Fronius TransSteel 2700c, FSC, 4R, 400V-16A, 29,7kg is fully digitized, microprocessor controlled inverter power source.

The TransSteel 2700c power source is fully digitized, microprocessor-controlled inverter power source. Modular design and easy system expansion options ensure high flexibility. The devices are designed for steel welding.

principle of operation
The central control unit of the current sources is coupled to a digital signal processor. Central control unit and signal processor control the entire welding process. During the welding process, actual data is continuously measured and changes are immediately responded to. Control algorithms ensure that the desired nominal state is maintained.
The device has the safety function "Limitation of the power limit". This allows operation of the power source at the power limit without compromising process safety.

This results in:
- a precise welding process,
- High reproducibility of all results
- Excellent welding properties.

The devices are used in trade and industry: manual applications with classic steel, galvanized sheets. The field of application of the current sources TSt 2700c is mainly in the steel thin sheet metal sector (light steel construction). Repair, maintenance, and assembly in shipyards, at automotive suppliers, workshops or in furniture making are among the typical applications. The power sources TSt 2700c thus position themselves in their performance class between trade / trade and industry.

The power source is designed for:
- machine and apparatus construction,
- Steel construction,
- plant and container construction,
- metal and portal construction,
- Rail vehicle construction

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