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Machine burner · 1539MBR0018

Fronius TTW4500 robot welding torch - cold wire feed Pull


Recommended base materials
CrNi steels ferritic / austenitic
Duplex steels
Nickel-based materials
Aluminium materials
Magnesium materials
Copper materials

Recommended areas of application
Plant, container, machine and steel construction
Automotive and supplier industry
Special machine construction / construction machinery
Chemical plant engineering
Maintenance / Repair
Pipeline construction
Rail vehicle construction
Shipbuilding / Offshore

TIG robot welding torch:
Customised hose package lengths 1.0
- 20 m (from 12 m HF ignition may be impaired)
Extension for retaining clamp
Initial equipment set for TIG RO KD-Drive
Wire feed speed 0 - 5 m/min or 0 - 22 m/min
Ignition aid
Gas lens for 3/4" gas nozzle
Customised burner body curvature
90°, 70° for TTW4500 PAP

Standard equipment
Burner head:
Screwable gas nozzle system
Gas lens
Adjustment device for electrode
Hose assembly:
UV and ozone resistant shaft protection hose
Retaining clip (4 x 90° mountable)
Cable for switch-off box
Cold wire feed push:
Wire guide tube swivelling with locking device
Combination core 0.8 - 1.2
Cold wire feed Pull:
Wire feed speed 0 - 10 m/min
Graphite core ø 2.5 mm for Al and CrNi wire
Wire guide tube swivelling with locking device
Exact speed control by digital encoder
Toothed pressure and drive rollers
Drive forward and back button

Technical data
Robacta TTW4500 Robacta KD-Drive
Weight 1,1kg 3kg
Welding current / duty cycle [DC] 450A / 60%
Welding current / duty cycle [AC] 320A / 60%
Electrode diameter 1.6-4.8mm
Maximum feed rate 10m/min
Wire ø 0,8-2mm
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