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Fronius TransSteel 3000 C PULSE /FSC, multi-process welding machine - three processes on the same high Level, welding current: 10 - 300 A, components and technical data see details.

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Complete package "Fronius TransSteel 3000 C PULSE /FSC" consisting of:

- Fronius TransSteel 3000 C PULSE /FSC, 32A CEE, 3x400V, 30kg
- Fronius MTG 320i /FSC/UD/3.5m/45°/LED manual welding torch gas-cooled
- Fronius earth cable 70mm² 4m 600A 35% plug 70mm² earth terminal
- Pressure reducer
- Gas hose 1,2m (incl.)
- Basket coil adapter (incl.)
- MTG 320i accessory box
- Welding rod SG2 1,0mm (15kg)

TransSteel 3000C Pulse

- Multiprocess welding machine - three processes on the same high
- Process change within one minute
- Ready to weld in three steps
- Up to 116 characteristic curves for steel, CrNi, CuSi, rutile FCW,
flux cored wire, self-protecting, AlMg5, AlSi5
- 70% less rework with pulse and synchro-pulse mode

Recommended areas of application
Steel, apparatus and mechanical engineering
Plant construction
Container construction
Metal construction
Rail vehicle construction
Portal construction

Recommended base materials

MIG/MAG welding
MMA welding

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