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Mobile systems · 1504MBS0013

Greggersen brazing on cylinder truck

Brazing on cylinder truck

The largest of our mobile Brazing can be handled particularly comfortably due to the well thought out design. By 260-mm-pneumatic tires, the truck has good mobility even on uneven construction site. Even transport on stairs can be carried out alone. The optimum focus of the bottles and the deliberately high-scale support for the 5-kg propane bottle give the truck in the standing state high stability. The slight tilting of the wheels immediately creates mobility. In staircase area, the truck can be pulled easily, without the construction or the bottles put. Large range for one-man operation! The stable and compact construction is completed by an excellent support for the bottles, which prevents sliding during loading or in transit. The hose holder arranged like handles, so you can load the truck in a vehicle. The handle bar also serves to protect the pressure reducer against damage during operation or during transport. A well thought thing!

without bottles: 12 kg
with bottles: 37 kg

Height: 1000 mm
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 400 mm


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