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Cam heating nozzles


The burner nozzles are one of the most important parts of the cutting torch, the right choice and the quality of the nozzle are largely responsible for the good flame cutting result. That's why we offer a variety of different flame cutting and gouging nozzles.
Choosing the right nozzle is dependent on various factors: the type of fuel gas, construction of the burner head, field of use, use as a hand or machine torch cutting system, etc.
Whether two-piece ring nozzle or self-acetylene-ring slot nozzle, block or gouging nozzles, we have an adequate for your application nozzle.

Whether for acetylene, propane, hydrogen, Crylene, ethene etc., short or long - with and without cams - anything is possible!
Made in Germany
The quality of the nozzle is important for the
• Cutting Results
• lifetime
• Cutting speed
• reliability
Better flame cutting results not only reduce the amount of rework, but also the cost.
Quality makes the cut!


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