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Greggersen · 1505DMR0031

Greggersen big- and line pressure regulators

Pressure reducers are also in battery systems, pipeline networks and at the outlets in use. In addition to the installation form following factors are used for the selection:
• Gas type (important for connecting thread
and selection of the material)
• height of the form
• height of the outlet pressure
• Control accuracy
• Control range

In cases where a very precise and constant regulation is required, we offer two-stage pressure reducer or pressure regulator with
inlet pressure compensation on. Both types of devices keep the set outlet pressure constant irrespective of the form. When using
purity gases, we have pressure reducer with stainless steel or Teflon-coated membranes. The different models are constructed,
that the individual components in the modular system can be supplemented as required, such as with.:
• Pressure gauge (for inlet and outlet pressure)
• additional pressure stage
• Shut-off valve
• Fine adjustment valve
• Measuring tube (Flow Meter)
• contactors / sensors
• Special connection


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