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Mobile systems · 1504MBS0017

Greggersen mobile welding machines, Portable Welding - Cutting equipment

Mobile welding machines
Our mobile welding units are acetylene / oxygen-powered systems. For the welding of steel parts temperatures of over 3000 ° C are required. In this case is necessary to work with a mixture of oxygen and acetylene, since only this energy-rich gas mixture generates the required temperatures during combustion. In addition, it is a common and therefore cost combination. The units are either portable available with 2-x-5-liter or mobile with 2-x-10-liter bottles. In addition, we offer on request also various special designs for individual needs. One example is mounted in the carriage body combination device for the specific
Areas of the civil protection services.

Mobile cutters
Also the mobile flame cutting provides for our devices no hurdle. Because of the high oxygen demand for flame cutting, the use of mobile devices is not yet widespread. Their main use find these devices for short-term use in the field of salvage or repair service in case of disaster.


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