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Mobile systems · 1504MBS0006

Greggersen mobile systems equipment in the carrying frame

Devices in the carrying frame

Our Brazing in carrying frame are all distinguished by their stable, yet lightweight construction. The supporting frames have been designed so that the devices are not only easy and convenient to carry, but also all the fittings are protected from mechanical damage. The pressure reducer, valves, fittings, etc. are protected so that damage by falling, rough handling, etc. are virtually eliminated. By particularly stable patented tensioning belts the steel cylinders are well secured during transport. A slipping is prevented. The contents of the gas cylinders also allows for larger installations. The bottles can easily
are filled by hand (Note booklet note for filling). The filling can also perform on site, in the workshop etc. of large bottles using the appropriate decanting or Umfüllbögen. Thereby, the Equipment ready for use quickly. The equipment of the mounting can be adapted to individual needs.


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