Hypertherm - Powermax 75°/15° - SmartSYNC hand torch in 7.6 m, 15.2 m and 22.8 m lengths ~ Hypertherm ~ Powermax 85 SYNC ~ 1964PMS0006 ~ Schweiss Shop

Powermax 85 SYNC · 1964PMS0006

Hypertherm - Powermax 75°/15° - SmartSYNC Hand torch in 7.6 m, 15.2 m and 22.8 m lengths suitable for Hypertherm Powermax 65 SYNC, Powermax 85 SYNC and Powermax 105 SYNC plasma cutters. For cutting and gouging in manual operation.

For cutting and gouging in manual mode

The time-saving SmartSYNC torch control allows the operator to quickly change the amperage, replace consumable parts replace
consumables and switch to another application without returning to the power source. The 75° and 15° handheld torches of the
SmartSYNC series are suitable for a wide range of applications such as gouging, cutting complex structures, Extended reach
cutting and flush cutting. The ergonomic design of the 75° torch is perfect for for normal cutting, while the 15° torch directs
heat away from the operator during intensive gouging operations and allows cutting overhead or in hard-to-reach areas.

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