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Inelco Grinders · 1789IGD0005

Inelco Grinders - AutoGrind, AutoGrind Digital and AutoGrind-S Digital. A separate module for grinding tungsten electrodes on the ULTIMA-TIG and the ULTIMA-TIG-CUT.

AutoGrind, AutoGrind Digital und AutoGrind-S Digital

The automatic process delivers precise and uniform grinding. It is also the best ergonomic solution for the user, because the electrode holder’s automatic rotation means no more repeated movements in the wrist and arm. It ensures a quick replacement of the electrode in the welding torch, because there is no need to adjust each electrode separately. This gives a correct welding seam, as well as longer time between regrinds.

AutoGrind Digital is engineered to be mounted on the ULTIMA-TIG and ULTIMA-TIG-CUT grinders for electrodes up to Ø4 mm. The version AutoGrind-S Digital, designed for the ULTIMA-TIG-S grind electrode size Ø4,8 – 8 mm.

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