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Metrology · 166MTK0039

YES - Control - Service - Box, complete.

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Control service box consisting of:
  • Digital clamp meter P for DC and AC voltage, AC 1000 A, DC 1000 A (166MTK0001)
  • YES - gas quantity meter for precise gas quantity determination at the burner outlet or with forming gas 0 - 50 litres / minute (166MTK0002)
  • Interior control unit, illuminated, complete with probe and mirror (166MTK0013)
  • JA - Finger lamp, stainless steel (166MTK0014)
  • Pocket magnifier , magnification 3 x ,6 x ,9 x (166MTK0015)
  • Time stopwatch (166MTK0016)
  • YES - Telescopic magnet with biros , 640 mm long (166MTK0017)
  • Second thermometer (digital indicator) -70 to 1000°C, without probe (166MTK0018)
  • Measuring probe for secondary thermometer (166MTK0019)
  • Stainless steel feeler gauge, from 0.05 mm to 1.00 mm (166MTK0020)
  • Zero point stamp 8 mm character height, notch-free (166MTK0021)
  • JA - cable - welding pole tester, round, encapsulated guide (166MTK0022)
  • Stainless steel caliper with mm and inch graduation, measuring range 180 mm (166MTK0023)
  • Welding seam gauge of stainless steel (166MTK0024)
  • Welding seam gauge of aluminium (166MTK0024)
  • JA - Leather protective mirror with notepad (166MTK0027)
  • Air gap gauge 1 - 10 mm round version of stainless steel (166MTK0028)
  • Edge offset and depth gauge, complete (166MTK0029)
  • Stainless steel ruler, 300 mm long ( 166MTK0035)
  • Tinted safety goggles (166MTK0036)
  • Tape measure, 3 m long, with inside measure, spirit level and compass (166MTK0037)
  • Case with insert and intermediate layer (166MTK0038)
  • JA - Stainless steel edge offset gauge, round guide (166MTK0040)
Notes on handling batteries /
Battery law
We would like to point out that you can return batteries or rechargeable batteries to us after use. We are obliged to inform you that end users are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can also throw the batteries after use into the collection containers of the sales outlets in your immediate vicinity or hand them in free of charge at municipal collection points. If batteries are sent to us, please stamp the package sufficiently.
Batteries or rechargeable batteries that contain harmful substances are marked. They have the symbol of a crossed-out dustbin on them.
In addition, there are notes attached to the dustbin symbol indicating which pollutants are contained in the battery or accumulator: Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb). You must return these batteries/rechargeable batteries. Irrespective of the legal obligation, we ask you not to dispose of batteries or accumulators in household waste for the sake of the environment.
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