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Jasic · 2015ANG0004

Jasic - EVOLVE 200 (Pulse - Basic, Pulse - Multiprocess, Pulse - ProAlu) multi-process welding machine sets at a special offer price, see variants.

EVOLVE 200 multi-process welders

EVOLVE and IoT - innovative, digital and cloud-based multi-process welding machine of the latest generation. The EVOLVE
and you have everything under control at all times and can monitor your welding results using all process parameters at any time
parameters at any time. As an interface, you always have access via WiFi or Bluetooth to the complete welding process
Control over your welding equipment - whether remote control or storage.
With the option of a firmware update via the cloud, you are always prepared for the future and always receive the latest information
the latest updates to the JASIC EVOLVE, so that they can meet the most complex requirements of welding technology
welding technology at any time.
With the option of cloud connection, they always have all data under control and can thus improve the quality of their
Quality of your welding work at any time. In this way, you also always have the costs under control. The
Compliance with and proof of your individual WPS is child's play.


- Advanced DSP microprocessor for optimum control
(pulse, welding algorithms etc.)
- Robust and innovative multi-process welder of the future
- Price-performance ratio in a class of its own
- Double-pulse MIG and HF TIG, Lift-ARC
- Wireless connection via WiFi or Bluetooth
- 19 synergy programmes for E-Hand, TIG, MIG/MAG, pulse MIG and double pulse
mIG - access to additional programmes in the cloud at any time
- Up to 100 job memories for personalised welding parameters
- APP for remote control and management of the EVOLVE
- online firmware updates (Over-The-Air Firmware Updates)

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