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Laser safety goggles · 1996LSB0023

Laservision - The laser safety goggles with the new quick release system, disinfectable folding temples and cold-formable temple ends have a daylight transmission of approx. 47% and good colour vision, see variants.

laservision laser safety goggles

The term laser light describes the range of the electromagnetic spectrum extending from 150nm up to 1mm
i.e. from the hard UV to the infrared "light". Suitable technologies can be used to reduce the
Laser source can currently be up to several kW (>1000 W). Due to its
physical properties, this light can be bundled to such an extent that power densities (= power per
Area) can be achieved that are high enough to cut metals or vaporise ceramics. In the medical sector
laser radiation is used, for example, to remove tattoos or cut tissue. A great potential danger therefore lies
unintentional, accidental irradiation of humans. The eyes are particularly at risk here, as they are
sensitive to light, and even a brief glance into a laser beam with a low level of light
The risk of irreversible blindness. Laser safety goggles are the simplest and furthest
personal protective equipment (PPE) against laser radiation.

The legislator therefore prescribes the wearing of laser safety goggles and, if necessary, further protective measures from a certain
Laser power. The legal requirements of the European laser protection standards EN 207 /
EN 208 for laser safety goggles require an EC type examination (CE) by an independent certifier (Notified Body) of the
certifies the laser safety goggles with LB protection levels.

Laser safety goggles based on coated or absorbing special lenses and plastics are one of the
Of our laser protection product portfolio. With this laservision is able to offer all laser users
to offer all laser users an optimal solution for laser protection.

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