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Plasma cutting · 036PSN0062

Messer Grießheim Plasma Cutter 70 CT, for manual cutting of 25 mm thick steel (max. 35mm /cut, ). Demonstration unit, year of manufacture 2022.

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You would like to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminium or copper and are looking for suitable
Equipment. Then we have the solution for you. Our Plasma Cutter 70 CT, a handheld plasma cutting device
with 70A current strength for cuts up to 35 mm material thickness.

- High arc stability ensures quality cuts
- Suitable for our STABLECUT Plasma
- Portable and compact design
- Ergonomic torch design for fatigue-free working
- Robust housing and non-slip feet for use on the construction site (suitable for generators)
- Manual compressed air regulation (4.1 to 6.5 bar) with LED display
- Intuitive operation with 3 modes
- No interference with electronic devices due to contact ignition
- Cutting up to 35 mm (scrap cut quality)
- Cutting up to 25 mm (quality cut)
- Hole piercing up to 15 mm.

Operating data:

capacity Thickness Cutting speed
Recommended 18 mm ~500 mm/min
25 mm ~250 mm/min

Cut-off cut (cutting in manual mode)

25-35 mm

~125 mm/min

Input voltage : 400 V /16A 50/60 HZ
Input current : 16 A
Output current: 20-70 A
Duty cycle: 100% at 55 A
60% at 70 A
Weight 22 Kg.

Scope of delivery: power source, hand torch MT-70, 6m, earth cable, initial equipment and operating instructions.
Warranty: 12 months, demonstration unit, year of construction 2022

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