MINITHERM® Messer set type HA (alternatively see also Greggersen Micromax 1500MCM0003) ~ Messer Grießheim 716.01407 ~ Complete sets ~ 1296KPL0001 ~ Schweiss Shop

Complete sets · 1296KPL0001

MINITHERM® Messer set type HA, welding, brazing and heating inserts with central flame outlet. Fuel gases: acetylene/oxygen and hydrogen/oxygen. Technical data see details.

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1 handle with integrated hoses, length 3 m, inlet connections G 1/4 for oxygen and G 3/8 LH for fuel gas. 5 inserts type HA, size 00 - 3.
One-piece injector (vacuum mixing device) made of brass (chromed) with exchangeable nozzle, consisting of mixing tube with hammered-on mouthpiece made of copper.
Technical data
Insert length 121 mm (size 00) to 165 mm (size 3)
Mixing tube diameter 6 mm
Weight 32 g (size 00) to 39 g (size 3)

MINITHERM® inserts type HA are a powerful set of 5 inserts graded according to DIN 8543 for welding and flame straightening of 0.1 to 4 mm thick steel sheets, for welding of pipes up to 4 mm wall thickness and for heat treatment of steel, non-ferrous, precious and sintered metals as well as glass, quartz glass, ceramics and plastics. Due to their low weight and small dimensions, they are particularly suitable for fatigue-free continuous use and for welding, heating and brazing work in constrained positions, usually with sufficient freedom of movement.
Main areas of application
  • Pipeline and heat exchanger construction
  • Assembly and installation work
  • Production lines and assembly lines
  • Bodywork and vehicle construction
  • Household appliance assembly
  • Jewellery and dental prosthesis manufacture
  • Laboratory glass and quartz glass processing
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