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Handles · 1297GST0001

MINITHERM® small grip with hose connection 3.2 mm, large flow capacity, for technical data see details.

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The MINITHERM® small handle with its large throughput forms the basis for the difficult and sensitive application of the oxyacetylene flame in continuous use, in extremely tight situations and in places that are inaccessible with conventional torches. Its ergonomic design offers the user maximum ease of use despite its low weight and small dimensions.
It is characterised by:
  • balanced weight distribution
  • secure grip position due to profiled grip tube
  • Single-handed operation due to V-shaped arrangement of the adjustment valves for oxygen and fuel gas
  • sensitive and precise flame adjustment by means of fine adjustment spindles in the oxygen and fuel gas valves
  • colour coding of the adjustment valves to avoid confusion
  • reliable sealing of the inserts even when the connecting nut is slightly tightened by hand due to proven radial seals
  • suitable for all types of fuel gas
  • screwless, leak-proof hose connections
Technical data
Length 120 mm (without grommets)
Handle diameter 18 mm
Connections Hose nozzles 3.2 mm Ø for oxygen and fuel gas
Weight 90 g
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