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Mig Mag · 026MMG0190

Migatronic OMEGA YARD 300 "SYNC" Mig-Mag welding machine, 400V-16A, 15-300A, 25% duty cycle, weight 17kg

Migatronic - OMEGA 300 YARD Synergic

The Omega Yard 300 has been tested under high stress and extremely difficult external conditions and has proven to be very resistant and shock resistant to dust and moisture. Omega Yard 300 is designed for heavy duty applications with high welding current and is ideal for welding solid and cored wires and of Innershield wire (without gas)
of up to 1.2 mm in diameter on 5 kg-wire coils. The high duty cycle, there is no energy loss during welding with long hose packets or electrode cables.

 Mains voltage +/÷ 15%, V  3 x 400
 Fuse, A  16
 Duty cycle 100% at 40°C, A/V  220/25
 Duty cycle 60% at 40°C, A/V  240/26
 Duty cycle max at 40°C, A/%/V  300/25/29
 Duty cycle 100% at 20°C, A/V  300/29
 Duty cycle max at 20°C, A/%/V  300/100/29
 Open circuit voltage  50-55 V
 Current range  15-300A
 Protection class  IP23 S
 Norm  EN60974-1/5/10
 Dimensions (HxBxL),mm  455x222x638
 Weight, kg  17


• Connection for remote control, TIG and MMA
• IGC® Intelligent Gas Control
• Manual gas control
• control unit for the burner
• Trolley for gas bottle holder and transportation
• Data transfer via CAN
• Guard
• Wheel for mounting under the guard
• MMA Dinse kit for changing MIG on MMA welding
• LED light in the wire console: an advantage in low light conditions when you switch wire and wire rolls
• Blocking card for saving the set parameters

Synergic panel incl
Synergistic welding programs
2-stroke / 4-stroke
DUO Plus for root passes
choice of the sequences

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