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Migatronic SigmaCore 300 Demonstration Plant Used buy

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Migatronic shielded arc welding system Sigma Core 300 C-L with Torch holder.
The system was only used for approx. 6 weeks as a demonstration system for small welding jobs.
Year of manufacture: 06.2023 - Serial number: 23060214
Scope of delivery:
including Torch ML 360 TWIST 3M, 8.5m mains cable, 3m earth cable with clamp, 2.2m
diffusion-proof gas hose, 1 set of wire feed rollers Ø1.0mm, handgriff, torch holder (left),
Trolley with bottle holder and retaining chain and LED lighting in the wire console.

Sigma Core compact 300 C-L (air) Graphic

Sigma Core is a simple welding machine with the core functions you need to weld
even at high amps. It is ideal for welders who want simplicity in the
advanced welding. Use the Sigma Core for welding
steel structures, prefabrication and thick sheets of mild steel, stainless steel and
It is a more energy-efficient solution that uses less electricity and gas for an optimised
Production. Add the optional Intelligent function to your Sigma Core
Gas Control and reduce your gas consumption even further.

Sigma Core C - Compact.
This configuration is suitable to become the heart of your welding production.
A loyal, hard worker that can weld for hours on end for multiple welders.
Its compact design and water-cooled torches are perfect for staying
in the welding booth.

Graphic control panel.
The graphic control panel is intuitive to navigate and easy for welders and
Welders and supervisors alike. It will help to,
Your daily operations efficiently.

Technical data:

Current range, A 15-300
mains voltage +/- 15% (50-60Hz), V 3 x 400
fuse, A 16
effective mains current, A 11
maximum mains current, A 15,4
power, 100%, kVA 9,0
power, max, kVA 10,7
open circuit voltage, V 50-60
efficiency 0,85
power factor 0,90
duty cycle 100% /20 °C A/%/V 290/28,5
duty cycle 100% /40 °C A/%/V 220/25
duty cycle 60% /40 °C A/%/V 240/26
duty cycle max. /40 °C A/%/V 300/25/29
application class s/CE
protection class iP 23S
dimensions C (H x W x L), mm 700 × 260 × 735
dimensions S (H x W x L), mm 454 × 260 × 735
weight C, kg 36,9
weight S, kg 26
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