Electrode 308 L (1.4316), size: 4.0 mm Ø, 350 mm long, welding current: 100-150 A, PU = 93 pieces / 5.0 kg ~ MTC 1.4316 (308 L) ~ 308 L (Electr.) ~ 771MTC0005 ~ Schweiss Shop

308 L (Electr.) · 771MTC0005

coated electrode, size: 4,0 mm Ø, 350 mm long, welding power: 100-150 A, content = 93 pcs / 5,0 kg, DIN 8556: E199LR23, material number: corresponds 1.4316, AWSIASME SFA-5.4: similar E 308 L-16, B.S.2916: 19.9 .LR., NF A81-343: EZ 19.9 LR 23, EN 1600: E19

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Rutile coated Rod electrodes for welding of stainless austenitic steels. Weld metal made of austenitic chromium-nickel steel with particularly low carbon content for operating temperatures up to 300°C, cold-tough down to -120°C.

DIN 8556: E199LR23, material no.: corresponds to 1.4316, AWSIASME SFA-5.4: similar to E 308 L-16, B.S.2916: 19.9 .LR., NF A81-343: EZ 19.9 LR 23, EN 1600: E199LR12.

Most important base materials
Stainless austenitic Cr-Ni steel Cast steel

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Si Mn Cr Ni
0,02 0,9 0,9 19 10

Austenite with delta ferrite

Special notes
Slag which is particularly easy to remove. Dark deposit next to the weld can be removed by chloride-free pickling. The weld metal can be polished to a high gloss.

Generally not necessary. However, the cladding tolerates re-drying up to +350°C.

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