Stick electrode 1.4332 (309 L), size: 2.5 mm Ø, 300 mm long, welding current: 50 - 70 A, PU = 220 pieces / 4 kg ~ MTC 1.4332 (309 L) ~ 309 L (Electr.) ~ 778MTC0001 ~ Schweiss Shop

309 L (Electr.) · 778MTC0001

coated electrode, size: 2,5 mm Ø, 300 mm long, welding power: 50 - 70 A, content = 220 pcs / 4 kg, DIN 8556: E2512LR23, material number: corresponds 1.4332, AWS/ASME SFA-5.4: similar E 309 L-16, B.S.2926: 23.12 LR, NF A81-343: EZ 23.12 LR 26, EN 1600: E23

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Rubtil coated Rod electrodes for welding of stainless claddings and various steels. Weld metal made of austenitic chromium nickel steel with particularly low carbon content for operating temperatures up to +350°C; heat resistant up to +1200°C.

DIN 8556: E2512LR23, material no.: corresponds to 1.4332, AWS/ASME SFA-5.4: similar to E 309 L-16, B.S.2926: 23.12 LR, NF A81-343: EZ 23.12 LR 26, EN 1600: E2312LR32.

Most important base materials
Heat and scale resistant ferritic and ferritic-austenitic steels

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Si Mn Cr Ni
0,02 0,9 0,9 23 13

Austenite with increased content of delta ferrite

Special notes
Claddings and buffer layers are already corrosion resistant in the first layer. No danger of martensite formation even at higher degrees of melting. Operating temperatures for black/white joints maximum +300°C. For longer annealing or operating temperatures above +300°C, nickel-based filler metals must be used.

Generally not necessary. However, the sheath can withstand re-drying up to +350°C.

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