Stick electrode 1.4820, 2.5 mm Ø, 300 mm long, 50 - 70 A, PU = 240 pieces / 4 kg ~ MTC 1.4820 (MT-4820) ~ 4820 (Electr.) ~ 777MTC0001 ~ Schweiss Shop

4820 (Electr.) · 777MTC0001

coated electrode, 2,5 mm Ø, 300 mm long, 50 - 70 A, content = 240 pcs / 4 kg, DIN 8556: E 25 4 R 26; material number: corresponds 1.4820.

Fig. may deviate


Rutile coated Rod electrodes for welding heat-resistant steels. Weld metal made of ferritic-austenitic chromium-nickel steel; scale resistant up to +1100°C.

Most important base materials
Heat- and scale-resistant ferritic and ferritic-austenitic steels

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Si Mn Cr Ni
0,06 0,7 1 25 5,0


Special notes
For joint welding on steels of the same type and for highly heat-resistant claddings on normal steels. The weld metal is heat and scale resistant up to 1100°C and resistant to reducing sulphurous furnace gases. Joint welds on steels of the same type are preferably carried out with austenitic MMAs such as MT - 309 L or MT - 310, except for the cover layers. Only the cover layers are welded with MT - 4820 because of the chemical resistance. In this way, greater notch toughness and deformability are achieved.

Generally not necessary. However, the cover can tolerate re-drying up to +350°C.

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