Stick electrode, size: 3.2 mm Ø, 350 mm long, 100 - 130 A, PU = 86 pieces / 4.5 kg ~ MTC WN.1.3255 (3,25x350) ~ W 61 (Electr.) ~ 806MTC0003 ~ Schweiss Shop

W 61 (Electr.) · 806MTC0003

coated electrode, size: 3,2 mm Ø, 350 mm long, 100 - 130 A, content = 86 pcs / 4,5 kg, DIN 8555: E 4 - UM - 60(65) - S; material number: corresponds 1.3255.

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Rod electrodes coated with rutile base with 140% yield for welding of tough deposits. Weld metal made of high speed steel.

DIN 8555: E 4 - UM - 60(65) - S; material number: corresponds to 1.3255.

Most important fields of application
Welding of new and repaired cutting tools which are subject to high stress, e.g. taps, reamers, broaches, turning tools, countersinks, milling cutters, woodworking tools, cutting plates, block parts. Welding of highly wear-resistant build-ups with good hot hardness on machine parts made of mild steel or cast steel, even with moderate compressive or impact stress.

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Cr Mo V W Co
0,8 4,3 1 1,6 18 5

Special notes
After cooling and also after tempering (hardening, tempering), the weld metal can only be machined by grinding. It can only be machined after soft annealing. In the case of menrlage welding, welding can be carried out through the slag. Preheat the tool to 400 - 600°C depending on the shape and size and keep it at this temperature during welding. After welding, cool small parts in still air, larger parts and those susceptible to cracking in sand or in an oven preheated to 550°C. The weld metal reaches its optimal properties only after prescribed heat treatment.

Generally not necessary. However, the cladding can withstand re-drying up to + 250°C

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