Stick electrode, size: 3.2 mm Ø , 350 mm long, PU = 156 pieces / 5 kg ~ MTC Zibro 6T. 3,2 x 350mm ~ Zibro 6T (Electr.) ~ 764MTC0002 ~ Schweiss Shop

Zibro 6T (Electr.) · 764MTC0002

Stick electrode, size: 3.2 mm Ø , 350 mm long, PU = 156 pieces / 5 kg, DIN 1733: EL-CuSn 7, material number: 2 1025, AWS/ASME SFA-5.6: E CuSn-A.

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Stick electrode with basic special coating for welding brass and tin bronzes. Weld metal made of 6% tin bronze.

Most important applications
Copper-tin alloys, e.g. bronze with 4 - 8 % Sn, copper-zinc alloys (brass), copper-tin-zinc-lead casting alloys as well as build-up welding on cast iron.

Physical properties (guide values)
Electrical conductivity
at 20°C

[S m/mm2]
Thermal conductivity at 20°C
[Wl(m K)]
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion (20 - 300°C)
7 75 18,5 * 10-6
Mechanical quality values of the weld metal (guide values)
Heat treatment
Test temperature

0.2% Yield strength [N/mm²] 180
Tensile strength [N/mm²] 295
Elongation at break [%] 25
Brinell hardness [%]
HB 10/1000
Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
Cu Sn
Base 6

Special instructions
For ignition, incline the electrode strongly and brush on. For non-ferrous metals, select electrode diameter equal to sheet thickness for sheet thicknesses up to 4 mm, preheating can be omitted. For wall thicknesses over 4 mm, preheating to approx. 250°C is recommended. For build-up welding on ferrous materials, direct the arc to the flank of the preceding bead if possible.

Generally not necessary.
The cladding tolerates re-drying up to a maximum of 250°C

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