Stick electrode, size: 4.0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 130 - 160 A, PU = 57 pieces / 6.0 kg ~ MTC MT-MnCr (4,0x450) ~ MnCr (Electr.) ~ 798MTC0003 ~ Schweiss Shop

MnCr (Electr.) · 798MTC0003

coated electrode, size: 4,0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 130 - 160 A, content = 57 pcs / 6,0 kg, DIN 8555: E 7 - UM - 250 - K.

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Basic coated high performance electrode with 140% yield for welding work-hardening deposits. Weld metal made of high chromium manganese steel.

Most important applications
Welding of work-hardening deposits on bucket teeth, crushing cones, crushing jaws in the stone industry. For frogs and crossings on railway and tramway rails Wear parts on road construction and mining machines which are mainly subject to rolling or impact wear.

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Mn Cr
0,6 17 14

Special notes
Untreated weld metal can be machined to a limited extent. Weld MMA at a steep angle (70-80°) and with low amperage. Weld only tension beads, pull off arc slowly, fill end craters. For workpieces made of high-manganese steel that have already been in use, grind off the hardened surfaces or buffer them with MT-307 HL. Cracks must be carefully worked out to the bottom and also filled with MT-307 HL. Weld small workpieces in a water bath to avoid excessive heating. Interpass temperature maximum 400°C.

Generally not necessary. However, the cladding can withstand re-drying up to + 300°C

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