Stick electrode, size: 4.0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 180 - 220 A, PU = 55 pieces / 6.0 kg ~ MTC DUR67V (4,0x450) ~ Major 67 V (Electr.) ~ 802MTC0003 ~ Schweiss Shop

Major 67 V (Electr.) · 802MTC0003

coated electrode, size: 4,0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 180 - 220 A, content = 55 pcs/ 6,0 kg, DIN 8555: E 10 - UM - 65 - GRZ.

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High-performance electrode with 170% output for welding highly wear-resistant deposits. Weld metal made of special carbide containing chrome vanadium hard alloy

DIN 8555: E 10 - UM - 65 - GRZ.

Most important fields of application
Highly wear and abrasion resistant claddings on components made of unalloyed and alloyed steels which are exposed to extremely high abrasive wear caused by sand, gravel, ore, coal, cement, slag. As a result of high abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures, particularly suitable for claddings on crushing plants for red-hot coal, coke, slag.

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Cr V
5 22 10

Special instructions
Weld metal can only be machined by grinding. Clear weld pool, slag can be welded over, low slag content. High current carrying capacity. Do not apply more than 2 layers on top of each other. For larger application heights, fill up beforehand, e.g. with MT-600 T, 600 HL, if necessary, weld buffer layer with MT-307 HL.

Generally not necessary. However, the coating can withstand re-drying up to + 150°C

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