Stick electrode, size: 5.0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 130 - 180 A, PU = 53 pieces / 6.0 kg ~ MTC MT-600B (5,0x450) ~ 600 B (Electr.) ~ 796MTC0004 ~ Schweiss Shop

600 B (Electr.) · 796MTC0004

coated electrode, size: 5,0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 130 - 180 A, content = 53 pcs / 6,0 kg, DIN 8555: E 6 - UM - 60; material number: corresponds 1.4718.

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Basic coated Rod electrodes for welding tough abrasion resistant deposits. Weld metal made of wear-resistant chrome-silicon steel.

DIN 8555: E 6 - UM - 60

Most important applications
Welding of tough abrasion-resistant coatings on machine parts made of mild steel, cast steel or high-manganese steel, e.g. rollers, running surfaces, caterpillar tracks, running wheels, roller conveyors, excavator parts, screw conveyors, roll crushers, impact hammers, rolling mill guides, cams, clamping jaws, impact jaws, mixer arms, anvils.

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Si Mn Cr Mo V
0,5 1,0 0,4 9 1 1,5

Special notes
Untreated weld metal can only be machined by grinding. In case of multi-layer welding, the slag can be welded through. Preheat higher carbonised or crack-sensitive base materials to 200 to 300°C. For very crack-sensitive base materials, weld an intermediate layer (buffer layer), e.g. MT-307 HL. The weld metal can be forged and hardened.

Generally not necessary. However, the cladding can withstand re-drying up to + 300°C

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