Stick electrode, size: 5.0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 220 - 260 A, PU = 36 pieces / 6.0 kg ~ MTC DUR63 (5,0x450) ~ Major 63 (Electr.) ~ 801MTC0003 ~ Schweiss Shop

Major 63 (Electr.) · 801MTC0003

coated electrode, size: 5,0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, 220 - 260 A, content = 36 pcs / 6,0 kg, DIN 8555: E 10 - UM - 65 - GRZ; AWS/ASME SFA-5 1: E FeCrAl.

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Rutile coated high performance electrode with 170% output for welding of highly wear-resistant deposits. Weld metal made of hard chromium alloy.

DIN 8555: E 10 - UM - 65 - GRZ; AWS/ASME SFA-5 1: E FeCrAl.

Most important fields of application
Welding of wear and abrasion resistant claddings on machine parts and equipment made of mild steel, cast steel or high manganese steel, which are exposed to very high abrasion by sand, gravel, ore, coal, cement or similar abrasive materials. For excavator teeth, slag crushers, conveyors, mixing and agitating blades, scraper teeth, press moulds, press screws, sand centrifuges, guides and similar parts that are subjected to little pressure or impact.

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Cr HRc
5,0 34,0 60-62

Special notes
Weld metal can only be machined by grinding. Little slag, which can be easily removed. Flat weld bead: little mixing with the base metal; favourable for surface armouring.

Generally not necessary. However, the cladding can withstand re-drying up to + 300°C

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