Stick electrode, size: 8.0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, PU = 33 pieces / 5.0 kg ~ MTC MT-DUR60V (8,0x450) ~ Major 60 V (Electr.) ~ 800MTC0002 ~ Schweiss Shop

Major 60 V (Electr.) · 800MTC0002

coated electrode, size: 8,0 mm Ø, 450 mm long, content = 33 pcs / 5,0 kg.

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Tubular high-performance electrode for welding highly wear-resistant deposits. Weld metal made of chrome hard alloy.

Most important fields of application
Welding of wear- and abrasion-resistant coatings on machine parts and equipment made of mild steel, cast sianl or high-manganese steel, which are subject to heavy emery wear with moderate impact stress, e.g. screw conveyors and grinding plates in the fireclay, chalk and cement industries as well as in brickworks. For example, screw conveyors and grinding plates in the fireclay, chalk and cement industries, as well as in brickworks.

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
C Mn Cr
5,5 1,5 40

Special notes
Weld metal can only be machined by grinding. Well-building weld bead without undercuts. Lowest heat input due to extremely low welding current. Weldability on alternating current is very good. When welding single-layer deposits, which are already highly wear-resistant, select the lowest current intensity in order to keep mixing with the base material as low as possible. Fill larger build-up heights beforehand, e.g. on manganese hard steel, structural steel and cast steel with MT-600 T or MT-600 HL or for buffer layers MT-307 HL.

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