Tig welding rods nickel, size: 1.6 mm Ø , 1000 mm long, PU = 5 kg ~ MTC WM.2.4155 (1,6x1000) ~ Nickel (MIG/WIG) ~ 765MTC0001 ~ Schweiss Shop

Nickel (MIG/WIG) · 765MTC0001

Tig welding rods nickel, size: 1.6 mm Ø , 1000 mm long, PU = 5 kg, DIN 1736: SG NiTi 4, material number: 2.4155, AWS/ASME SFA-5.14: ER Ni - 1, B.S. 2901, part 5: NA 32.

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Welding rod/wire electrode made of nickel with particularly low carbon content for TIG or MIG welding of pure nickel for operating temperatures up to +450°C. Cold-tough up to -196°C.

Most important applications
Nickel, low alloyed nickel (Ni-semi-INi-casting), e.g. LC - Ni 99,6 (2.4061), NiMn 5 (2.4116), G - Ni 95 (2.4170) as well as joints with steel, cast steel, copper;
Plating and buffer layers

Directional analysis of the pure weld metal in %
Ni C Fe Mn Si Ti
Base 0,02 0,2 0,4 0,4 3

Special notes
Cleanliness of the workpiece in the weld area is a prerequisite for a crack-free joint. Bottom seam protection is required for thin sheets and root welds. For V- and X-welds the opening angle should be at least 70°.
TIG - Welding rod should always be guided in the protective gas area.
MIG - wire electrode should preferably be welded with pulsed arc. At high welding speeds work with a gas shield following the torch (argon shower).

Applicable shielding gases TIG and MIG
Welding argon

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