Optrel HELIX 2.5 - black: welding helmet / grinding helmet with 180 degree vision in clear mode, with colour-realistic panoramic vision, 2.5/5-12 ~ Optrel ~ automatic helmet ~ 110AHO0114 ~ Schweiss Shop

Optrel automatic helmet · 110AHO0114

Optrel HELIX 2.5 - black: welding helmet / grinding helmet with 180 degree view in clear mode, with color-realistic panoramic view in pano mode, protection level with ShadeTronic 2.5/5-12 (manual 7-12), FadeTronic, re-charge, IsoFit headgear, see vari

The new slide-up welding helmet with panoramic field of vision and brightness level 2.5

With the helix 2.5, optrel offers a welding helmet for work under the most difficult conditions. A slide-up helmet
with internal anti-glare unit, which has all the technical features of an optrel helmet:

  • Panorama XXL field of vision,
  • ShadeTronic,
  • Fadetronic,
  • rechargeable battery unit with charging via the welding arc and
  • 5-point multi-detection sensor technology.

With the helix 2.5, you are equipped for all welding tasks that require a large field of view and frequent changes
between clear and protective filters. With a brightness level of 2.5 for welding and a protection level protection
level range of 5 to 12, it is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
The optrel helix 2.5 is available with integrated IsoFit headgear and optionally with hardHat according to EN397
industry standard.

Application areas

Electrode welding (Stick Welding, SMAW)
MIG/MAG (Gas Metal Arc Welding, GMAW)
GMAW high performance welding
Flux-cored welding
TIG welding (TIG, GTAW)
Plasma welding
Plasma cutting
Gas welding
Grinding mode

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