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Optrel System · 1480ASO0083

Optrel softhood long protective hood with fresh air connection, (PAPR), hood to protect the respiratory tract and face from dust and aerosols, color (black, gray, white). For further information see details

Fresh air in a dusty environment
The optrel softhood respiratory protective hood is based on the principle of overpressure relative to the environment and
prevents contaminated air from entering the respiratory tract. All work where increased protection of the head against dust
and aerosols is necessary. is necessary. Painting, sanding wood, plastic, or soft sandblasting (soft material, e.g. calcium
carbonate, plastic granules or similar), medical field, cosmetics, laboratories, food production, waste management, mining,
Agriculture, automotive industry, construction industry, chemical industry, landfill, food industry, metal industry,
agriculture, woodworking and many more.

Perfect in combination with optrel's innovative filter and compressed air systems
Highest class respiratory protection, 99.8% cleaned air. The e3000X respiratory protection system - together with the optrel
sofhoods - reliably protects you from particles such as smoke, aerosols, dust and even viruses. At the same time, the blower
generates a cooling effect cooling effect.
In addition, the mountain breeze odor filter protects against unpleasant odors and harmful ozone and, in environments
or even toxic gases, the A1B1E1 gas flter insert reliably keeps out organic, inorganic and acidic gases.

- Superior, ultra-lightweight respiratory protection
- Versatile use, even in toxic environments
  thanks to optional A1B1E1 gas filter
- Wide visor with anti-fog coating
- Individual headgear adjustments
  (adjustable circumference and distance from visor)
- Comfortable to wear thanks to generous cut and lightweight
  and lightweight, durable material
- No mask fit test required
- Ideal for bar wearers

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