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Welding course - practical instruction on the welding machine in Hamburg

You have bought a welding machine, but you don't know how to use it properly? You want to give free rein to your creativity with the help of a welding machine?
Whether it's welding to repair a garden fence or you want to build a table yourself - we'll be happy to show you how it works and how to use it in an intensive instruction session.

Learn to weld - by the hour in Hamburg

We will teach you our know-how right at the welding table! In our workshop in Hamburg, you can get to work on the machine straight away.
No "school desk", no theory in the training room!
MIG/MAG, TIG or MMA - with us you can see and test all three welding processes.

An experienced welder shows you how to weld. Bring your welding equipment to us, or get a machine of your choice from our rental park.
For only 95 euros per hour plus VAT, our welder will accompany you on your first welds.
The price includes protective equipment to be used for the duration (automatic helmet, jacket, gloves), as well as gas and wire consumption. If you do not have your own welding equipment, we will use a machine from our rental park.

For whom is the intensive training suitable? Is there a certificate?

Our practical instruction on the welding machine in our workshop in Hamburg is interesting for all those who have discovered or want to discover welding as a new hobby. Artists, hobby craftsmen, car mechanics, tinkerers and doers get an insight into "the world of welding" and can draw their first seams.
We would like to point out that we are neither a school, nor an institute, nor a training centre - we only offer a first insight into welding. Unfortunately, we cannot issue you with a certificate.

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