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Central filter systems · 2016ZFS0001

Plymovent - Central filter system for 4500 to 9000 m³/h, depending on the application. Fully automatic self-cleaning filter due to RoboCleanPlus system. Incl. filter cartridges FCC-150, cyclonic spark arrestor, see variants.

Central filter system

The SCS unit is a comprehensive central filtration system designed for the removal of dry welding, cutting or
separation fumes. welding, cutting or cutting-off fumes.

SCS welding fume extraction systems
The SCS filtration system is very easy to install. The eight air inlet and two air outlet positions give the unit
maximum flexibility. flexibility to the unit. Because the SCS filter system is extremely compact, it takes up very
little floor space, the unit can be used in a variety of configurations.

- Source extraction by means of extraction arms
- Isolated work area by means of extraction hoods
- Room filtration system to control the background concentration of welding fumes.
  Room filtration systems are recommended when exhaust arms and hoods are not an option, e.g., for
  are not an option, e.g. when different welding processes are used at different
  changing locations.

The SCS filtration system is equipped with RoboCleanPlus as standard. The self-cleaning system performs sectional
automatically cleans the filter cartridge by means of compressed air pulses. The dissolved dust and dirt particles
particles then fall into the collection container located underneath the system (capacity: 100 L).
In addition to being extremely user-friendly, the self-cleaning system also increases the service life of the filter
cartridge. cartridge life because dust and metal particles are continuously removed from the filter surface, saving
maintenance and replacement costs. and replacement costs can be saved.

Compact unit
The SCS filter system consists of a vertically arranged filter cartridge. Despite the extremely large filter surface
of 150 m2, the SCS is very compact and takes up very little floor space.

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