Plymovent - Flexible extraction arm MiniMan 100-W Ø 100 mm White with external joints, Incl. round bonnet and wall bracket ~ Plymovent ~ Suction arms / cranes ~ 1993AAK0132 ~ Schweiss Shop

Suction arms / cranes · 1993AAK0132

Plymovent - Flexible extraction arm MiniMan 100-W Ø 100 mm white with external joints, Incl. round hood and wall bracket. The arm is 360° rotatable, hanging mounting, range 1.5 m to 2.1 m, see variants.

Flexible extraction arm MiniMan 100-W white

The MiniMan-100 has no obstructive internal mechanics. This extraction arm of a diameter of 100
mm is suitable for all work that generates a lot of dust, e.g. grinding and polishing. The unimpeded
air flow ensures maximum extraction efficiency and the lowest possible pressure loss. Thanks to its
design and quality features, the MiniMan-100 is the first choice for professional applications.
professional applications.


- Free, continuous design for highest air velocities,
  low pressure losses, low sound levels and low energy costs
- Maximum reach thanks to the ability to operate even above mounting height
- Pre-assembled delivery for only short installation times
- External joints for easy adjustment, smooth operation and easy servicing
  facilitated service possibilities
- 360° rotation
- Available in white and stainless steel versions
- Also available in ATEX version

Recommended use

  • Spot welding
  • Laboratory applications
  • Fog extraction
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