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Plymovent - Mobile equipment - Mobile welding fume extractor MobilePro and MobilePro-W3 with self-cleaning filter cartridge, filter area 20 m² and integrated extraction fan 3 or 4 m long, low-cost hose extraction arm.

Mobile welding fume extractor MobilePro and MobilePro-W3

Plymovent’s mobile filter units are designed to remove welding fumes on-site in confined spaces and spaces that are
difficult to reach by fixed welding fume extraction systems. For example in the middle of a workshop or reversely,
in an outer corner of a facility.
This stabile mobile unit has an ergonomic handgrip and has four wheels, of which two swivel casters, to facilitate
easy movement. The MobilePro is suitable for many welding applications such as MIG, MAG, TIG, GMAW, FCAW and stick
electrode welding.
Naturally Plymovent’s extraction arms, the 3 and 4 meter KUA and EconomyArm, can be attached to the MobilePro to
reach the required length.

SilentFlow duct free silencer
The MobilePro has an integrated fan placed in a SilentFlow sound absorbing box. SilentFlow reduces both the
mechanical and airflow noise of the fan by using an innovative air flow path, acoustic panels and a specially
designed outlet.

Ram-Air low operational costs
The MobilePro features a Ram-Air pulse amplifier, a powerful part of the back pulse cleaning system, that enhances
the cleaning efficiency. A Ram-Air pulse amplifier is placed in the filter cartridge and disperses the pulse energy
directly to the filter medium. The results are significant: cleaner filters; lower pressure drop, less compressed
air and energy consumption. Ram-Air means low operational costs.

BiCo filter cartridges last longer
Filter life is not only determined by cleaning efficiency but more often by the strength of the bonding between the
fibers in the media. Most cartridges fail when the bonding breaks. This causes an immediate pressure drop and a
decrease in airflow, the result – costly filter cartridge replacements. Plymovent’s BiCo polyester filter cartridges
are based upon the latest state of the art Bi-Component Technology. This technology, making use of fibers, with a
difference in melting point between core and surface, guarantees consistent quality and strength which produces a
much longer cartridge life. Plymovent cartridges are 100% polyester and therefore also washable.

Meets local regulations
The Plymovent MobilePro self-cleaning welding fume extractor for the professional welder is in compliance with
ISO-EN 15012-1:2013 welding fume class W3. To meet local regulations/legislation the MobilePro can be extended
with an additional HEPA filter module (filter classification H14).

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