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Stationary plants · 1982PSA0087

Plymovent - Stationary units - mechanical filter unit for free-standing installation MF-31, Incl. aluminum pre-filter and glass fiber fine filter cassette GFMF. Equipped with suction chamber with two Ø 250 mm inlet openings, see variants.

Freestanding mounting MF-31


The MF filter unit, either wall-mounted or free-standing, is designed for filtering welding fumes and light dusts.
light dusts The filter is suitable for use in extraction systems with air volumes up to 2500 m3/h. The MF ensures
flexible filtration even in case of product changes. If the welding application changes you can simply use a
different filter medium in the same filter cabinet.
Please do not operate the unit without filter inserts and make absolutely sure that the fan has the correct
direction of rotation (wrong direction of rotation = poor suction performance).

- Mechanical filter for free-standing installation
- Intake chamber with two inlet openings


  • MIG/MAG solid wire
  • MIG/MAG flux cored wire
  • Electrode welding
  • TIG welding
  • Oxyacetylene welding
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