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Plymovent - Stationary units - Welding fume extractor WallPro Double-DM (DM = direct mount) with an integrated RamAir pulse amplifier, fan 2.2 kW, Incl. two extraction arms and fan, for applications, welding fumes and high dust volume

Stationary welding fume extractor WallPro Double-DM (DM = direct mount)


The WallPro welding fume extractor with automatic filter cleaning system is designed specifically for the professional welder.
The unit is suitable for a wide range of applications involving welding fumes and high dust levels.

WallPro can be equipped with one or two extraction arms and is available in a special PowerPlus version for extreme fume conditions.
fume conditions. The system has been developed according to the latest findings in the field of cleanable filter systems
and incorporates a unique dust-free maintenance concept that provides safety for all, not only the welders but also the immediate environment.
welders, but also the immediate environment and the maintenance technicians.

WallPro PowerPlus
The WallPro PowerPlus is our most powerful unit: a combination of a KUA extraction arm (with the largest diameter) and our most powerful fan.
diameter) and our most powerful fan. This unit has an extraction capacity of over 1,800 m³/h ("Standard" performance level
in comparison: 1,000 m³/h). It is especially suitable for applications with very high smoke or dust generation, such as
Automatic welding, welding with high amperages and flux-cored arc welding.

Highly efficient and durable filter system
Using a highly efficient PTFE filter cartridge, the WallPro provides a safe working environment. The membrane surface filtration
captures smoke on the surface of the filter media, preventing particulate from entering. This has proven to be extremely effective
and the most suitable method for self-cleaning systems. Pressure-controlled cleaning via the
RamAir pulse amplifier ensures effective filter cleaning with only low energy consumption.

In addition, the offline filter cleaning function is available as standard for extra high-efficiency cleaning.
Offline cleaning uses reverse compressed air pulses to clean the filter cartridge while the fan is switched off.
Known for its unbeatable cleaning efficiency, this process is already used in central filter systems and is now
now also standard in the WallPro units.

Because of this unique combination of optimized filter cleaning features, the WallPro incurs only low operating costs,
but has a long filter service life.

According to welding fume class W3
This filter unit is perfectly suited for welding fumes generated during the welding of construction and stainless steel. WallPro meets the
requirements of welding fume class W3 as specified in ISO-EN 15012-1:2013. In most countries, the air recirculation of
filtered stainless steel welding fumes, a welding fume class according to W3 is required.

HEPA filter extension is available
To meet local regulations/legislation, the WallPro can be extended with an additional HEPA filter module (filter class H14).
This filter module is a universal, wall-mounted unit with HEPA filter cassette and is suitable for duct installation.


• MIG-MAG/GMAW welding
• TIG welding
• FCAW welding
• stick/MMAW welding
• stainless steel welding
• grinding
• polishing
• finishing

The exhaust arms are mounted directly on the filter unit (DM = direct mount).
Incl. switch box and fan outlet transition piece from square to round Ø 250 mm.

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