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Prebena VITAS 45 - Compact piston compressor for mobile use

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Prebena VITAS 45

Extremely handy and extraordinarily light
Compact piston compressor for mobile use
Most powerful in its class
Protected fittings, user-friendly handling
Easy transport, only 10 kg weight
Packaging suitable for shipping = suitable for parcel service

Technical data:

Motor: 230 V/250 W
Speed: 2840 rpm
Suction capacity: 41 l/min
Filling capacity: 24 l/min
Loudness: 72 dB(A)
max. pressure: 10 bar
Boiler: 4 l
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: L 370 x W 310 X H 300 mm
TÜV free

Manometer for boiler pressure, manometer for outlet pressure, pressure reducer, regulated compressed air connection, handle with anti-slip coating, solid rubber feet.

no oil change
no oil in the condensation water

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