Rhodius LSZ F Vision 125 x 22 x 22.23 Grain 80 Propeller discs 207077 ~ Rhodius 207079 ~ Stainless steel / Grinding ~ 1351RES0006 ~ Schweiss Shop

Stainless steel / Grinding · 1351RES0006

Rhodius LSZ F Vision 125 x 22.23 / grit 80, grinding wheel for stainless steel. Thanks to its recesses, the LSZ F VISION becomes transparent when turning... For more information see details

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Thanks to its recesses, the LSZ F VISION becomes transparent when turned (cf. fig. below and left). This guarantees a clear view of the workpiece, the user can see how much and where he is grinding. In this way, permanent control of the work result is achieved without setting down the machine: the material removal can thus be controlled in a targeted manner and cost-intensive machining errors reduced. Machining time is also reduced and efficiency increased. But it also means: less stress and less physical strain with particularly high economic efficiency. Fibre substrate, zirconia alumina.

  • rust- and acid-resistant steels
  • Tool steels
  • Construction steels
  • high-strength sheet metals
  • Hardox
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Wood, lacquer, filler
  • GRP
  • Plastics

  • Free-hand angle grinder

  • high cutting performance
  • pleasant grinding behaviour
  • cool grinding
  • low vibration
  • low noise
  • free view of the workpiece
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