Rhodius XT8 Exact cut-off wheel stainless steel 206684 125 x 0.8 x 22.23 ~ Rhodius 206684 ~ Stainless steel / Cutting ~ 1350RET0002 ~ Schweiss Shop

Stainless steel / Cutting · 1350RET0002

Rhodius XT8 EXACT 125 x 0.8 x 22.23 Cutting disc for stainless steel. The XT8 EXACT impresses with its excellent smoothness, which results in optimum handling. For further information see details

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The XT8 EXACT impresses with its outstanding smoothness, which results in optimum handling. Due to its exceptionally precise, clean and almost burr-free cut, the need for reworking tends towards zero. Even extremely hard materials such as spring steels, stainless steel sheets, etc. are easily cut by the disc, which is only 0.8 mm thin. Significantly harder and stronger than conventional cut-off wheels, its narrow cut also requires almost no contact pressure and thus makes work noticeably easier.

  • Rust- and acid-resistant steels
  • high-strength sheet metals
  • painted sheets
  • high-strength steels
  • plastic-coated sheets

  • Free-hand angle grinder
  • Straight grinder

  • precise cut
  • minimal burr formation
  • low flying sparks
  • very high cutting speed
  • long tool life
  • very cool cut
  • high lateral stability
  • low odour development
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