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Quick clamping bolt short, with twist lock, clamping of 2 components, burnished.

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Product description

The burnished quick-release bolt with twist lock is the ideal connecting element
between the Siegmund components. The quick-release bolt is characterised by particularly
large balls which, due to a low surface pressure, do not touch the chamfer of the bores
of the bores. The fourth ball in the middle reduces the internal friction and reinforces the
Force of the handwheel. The new design of the quick-release bolt does without the
O-rings, but is still easy to clean.

This bolt is NOT permitted for connecting tables and angles U-shape!

Length (a): 95 mm
Weight : 0.54 kg
Diameter (o): 28 mm
Shear force (k1): 220 kN
Tightening torque (k3): 25 Nm
Tensile force (k2): 25 kN

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