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PurgElite · 1839PGE0069

ARGWELD forming systems PurgElite, Protective cover XHR - heat resistant up to 300°C

Protective cover XHR - heat resistant up to 300°C

The inflatable gas-tight forming systems are suitable for use in pipes from 1" (25 mm) inner diameter up to 24" (600 mm) and are
based on are based on a simple principle: they consist of two inflatable dams connected by a middle tube. The forming gas flows
through the hose. into the dams, inflates them and then flushes the area between them. An absolute novelty is the IntaCal® valve,
which is immediately ready for use. The annoying and time-consuming adjustment of the valves is completely eliminated:
Plug & Purge!

Protective cover XHR for (PL10001 - PL10012)

Other sizes available on request.

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